Smartest College Students in the USA (as measured by Lumosity)

Source: Lumosity blog, Nov 2012
<note:  I have an M.S. from MIT>

At Lumosity, we have the largest database of human cognitive performance, with over 30 million users from around the world who have played our diverse set of engaging cognitive training games over 450 million times. Given the large number of college-age users in the United States on our site, we were interested in whether we could harness our database in order to assess universities based on a new and different measure than the one used in any of the existing rankings – the cognitive performance of their students.

Methods and Analysis
For our analysis, we looked at a user’s scores the first game he or she played a game in each of the five Lumosity Brain Areas: Speed, Attention, Flexibility, Memory and Problem Solving. Only users who had played at least one game in each area, and who had provided their date of birth and gender were included.


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