Use FLVS to Accelerate Learning

Source: website, date indeterminate

13. Can students accelerate and complete courses faster?
Yes! Students will be given a Traditional Pace Chart which recommends students complete an average of at least 2–3 lessons a week at a rate of about 3–5 hours of study time per week. Students can elect to complete extra assignments during the week, therefore completing the course in less time.

16. How many courses are students allowed to take at once?
FLVS does not limit to the number of concurrent courses a student can take, but due to the amount of time each course takes to complete, FLVS recommends the following:

Public/Private School Students: No more than 1–2 courses at a time. Each course averages 16-18 weeks per half credit, at a rate of approximately 3–5 study hours per week.

Home School Students: No more than 4–5 courses at a time if FLVS is their sole education provider.


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