A FLVS Teacher's View about Online Instruction

Source: KQED Mindshift blog, May 2011

For Rian Meadows, an economics instructor atFlorida Virtual School (FLVS) — the nation’s first-ever statewide virtual public high school — the newly passed legislation requiring every K-12 student to take an online course prior to graduation makes sense.

“I think it’ll bring students into the 21st century,” she says.

 She appreciates the one-on-one connection with students and administrators and the team-oriented, non-hierarchical approach. “This is a philosophy that I agree with and a culture that I feel passionately about,” she says.

Q: What do you see as the main advantages of virtual education for students?

A: The one-on-one interaction with students is key. … We have great phone conversations and discussion-based assessments. The students connect with one another, too. We have discussion groups where students post something and other students will post back; plus, they do a lot of collaborative projects and group work. We use Elluminate, a kind of chat room where students can present PowerPoints and go into breakout rooms and discuss in smaller groups. What I love about FLVS is that students are always creating things: blogs, videos, podcasts, PowerPoints, advertisements.

… allowing unlimited time on tests or letting kids redo assignments.  If they want to retake a test, they get to! I love that.


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