Using Online Courses for College Credit

Source: Chronicle of Higher Education, Nov 2012

<Will gifted HS students want to earn college credit via online courses?>

The American Council on Education has agreed to review a handful of free online courses offered by elite universities and may recommend that other colleges grant credit for them.

The move could lead to a world in which many students graduate from traditional colleges faster by taking self-guided courses on the side, taught free by professors from Stanford University, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and other well-known colleges.

In what leaders describe as a pilot project, the group will consider five to 10 massive open online courses, or MOOC’s, offered through Coursera for possible inclusion in the council’s College Credit Recommendation Service.

Josh Jarrett, deputy director for postsecondary success at the Gates foundation, said that “MOOC’s may be the next generation of AP courses.” Many students already arrive at campuses with credit they earn by passing Advanced Placement tests in high school, and MOOC’s may simply prove another way for students to get a jump on college.


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