OCPS Provides I-20 Student Visa for $7,365 (2012-2013)

Source:  https://www.ocps.net/sb/Superintendent%20Documents/JFABC%20Admission%20Nonimmigrant%20Foreign%20Students%2011_17_08.pdf

TITLE: Admission of Individual Nonimmigrant Foreign Students
(1) Elementary and Secondary Students – A nonimmigrant student not
participating in a foreign exchange visitor program but who is sponsored
by an Orange County relative and otherwise fulfills eligibility requirements
may attend an Orange County public school. Nonimmigrant students who
inquire about enrollment in an Orange County public school shall be
referred to the Pupil Assignment Section.
(a) Nonimmigrant aliens whose permanent residence is outside the
United States and their dependents may apply for admission to
the Orange County Public Schools provided their passport carries
one of the following visa status symbols.
A – Children of diplomatic and consular offices
E – Children of treaty traders or investors
F – Foreign nationals, elementary through postdoctorate
G – Principal resident representatives to international
organizations recognized and non-recognized and
members of immediate families
H – Children of temporary workers, trainees of
distinguished merit and persons of renown in their
field, skilled or unskilled workers in temporary U.S.
I – Representatives of foreign information media,
spouse and children
J – Foreign exchange students
L – Children of intra-company transferees
M – Spouse or child of a student in a vocational or
other recognized non-academic institution
Such applications for admission must be accompanied by the
(i) a valid passport
(ii) an entry permit
(iii) an English-translated school transcript
(iv) appropriate medical records
(iv) an annual $50 tuition fee

(b)   Nonimmigrant aliens who do not have one of the above visa
symbols and who reside in a foreign country may also apply for
admission to Orange County Public Schools. In order to comply
with the Immigration and Naturalization Act, these students shall
request and be granted approval to attend school on a Form I20A. The Pupil Assignment Section shall be responsible for the
issuance of the Form I-20A.
The Form I-20A shall be available and issued as follows:
• during May and June for students who wish to attend summer
• during July and August for students who wish to attend the first
• during December and January for students

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