41 of the 176 perfect IB scores (2011 worldwide) were from Singapore

Source: Edvantage, Jan 2013

(see page 4 onwards)
Out of the 41 perfect scorers in Singapore, 37 came from the Dover Road school, which announced the results last Sunday.

St Joseph’s Institution International has one perfect scorer.

The others are believed to be from the School of the Arts (Sota), whose first batch of 80 candidates took the exam in November last year.

The three schools are among 19 here offering IB, which is more broad-based than the A levels.

Worldwide, there were 176 perfect scorers last year in the exam set by the Swiss-based International Baccalaureate Organisation.

A perfect score is 45 based on results in six subjects, such as literature and mathematics, and other core requirements like the extended essay. A student needs 24 points to pass and get the IB diploma, while 36 and above is considered excellent by educators.

Singapore has topped the Asia-Pacific region in the IB diploma programme for the third year running.

Almost all the 1,370 candidates here – 97.9 per cent – passed. They scored 36.5 points on average last year, compared to the global average of 30.01.


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