Summit – Denali

Source: NextGen Learning, date indeterminate

At a Glance:

School: Summit Denali
Opening: Fall 2013
Grades Served: 6–12
Location: Silicon Valley, CA
Operator: Summit Public Schools
Operator Type: Charter
Focus: Urban
Students at Opening: 100
Students at Capacity: 700

In the fall of 2013, Summit’s “Optimized School Model” will debut with the opening of Summit Denali in Silicon Valley. Summit plans to break down silos between grades and content to allow students to move at their own pace, both academically and physically.

The model enables this through three elements:

  1. a robust, custom-built LMS;
  2. continuous student access to content and assessments, and
  3. an Intersession program that regularly offers all students intensive, hands-on opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge, explore their passions and interests, investigate careers, and learn outside the school walls.

Summit is creating an open learning space where students can work on digital content in individual workstations. These workstations will be surrounded by learning spaces for small-group learning, one-to-one coaching and mentoring, and larger-group workshops and seminars.

Denali Learning Spaces

The individual workstations will be the gateway to the online LMS, which will give individual students (and parents) real-time access to a student’s personalized learning plan, content, and assessments.

These assessments will track competency in three main areas: High School Ready, College Ready, and Early College. Each day, students will log in to see an individualized list of what they need to master and a playlist of learning options (such as digital content, hands-on activities, or group discussions). Teams of educators will regularly meet with students to monitor progress on the plan, set goals, evaluate performance, and facilitate continued achievement.

In Summit’s Optimized School Model, the teacher’s role shifts from independent contractor to team member. Rather than be assigned to an individual grade, teachers will work together in teams with fluid sets of students to provide high-quality, face-to-face learning experiences.

Students will progress through learning phases by demonstrating competency in the skills, knowledge, behaviors, dispositions, and engagement needed to succeed in college, career, and community. Teams of educators might include both certified and nontraditional teachers, such as tutors, learning coaches, and data experts.

The school will also include a hallmark of the Summit model: a multiweek Intersession program (held at different times of the year) that gives students the freedom to engage in a course, internship, or project that explores areas of interest or potential careers.

During Intersession, Summit students work full time on courses ranging from digital arts and theater to robotics and community-service projects. At Denali, Intersession experiences will integrate with the development of the behaviors and dispositions they need to succeed in college, career, and life.

Another resource: Educause

Denali Expenses

Summit Denali


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