NuVu: Innovation Center (for MS & HS students)

Source: NuVu website, date indeterminate

NuVu is a full-time magnet innovation center for middle and high school students and a professional development program for teachers and educators. NuVu’s pedagogy is based on the architectural studio model and geared around multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects.

NuVu nurtures creative problem solving, team collaboration across networks, communication and presentation skills, systems thinking, adaptability, risk-taking and imagination, all critical for student success.

NuVu’s structure is based on 2-week long studios that take on topics related to the set theme for the trimester, such as “City of the Future” or “Science Fiction.” These intensive studios begin by identifying an issue or point of inspiration, defining the problem, and then engaging in an iterative process toward a solution.


Each studio runs for 2 weeks, culminating in a final review where external reviewers (professors, practitioners, entrepreneurs and designers) are invited to evaluate students’ work. During the studio period, students and coaches work together at NuVu from 9am to 3pm with the option to stay until 5pm (which happens frequently, especially before the final review).

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