Samsung is beginning to out-innovate Apple

Source: CNN, Feb 2013

… it’s no longer about being just as good as Apple. You have to be better. Competitors have built upon the foundation Apple laid in mobile and are now leapfrogging it with bunch of useful features you can’t find on iPhones and iPads.

The evidence is everywhere, but it’s most apparent in products made by Apple’s biggest mobile rival, Samsung. … the company has innovated a lot by creating popular new product categories that Apple is wary to try. …. Samsung created a new category of smartphone that people didn’t even know they wanted, much like Apple did when it released the first iPhone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook likes to say tablets — not laptops — are the future of computing, yet it feels like Apple’s software goes out of its way to limit what you can do on the machine.

Meanwhile there are others, especially Samsung, that appear to be innovating at a pace faster than Apple can.

BTW, in my Feb 2013 presentation, I shared that Asia is trying to catch up in innovation (slide 56), and Samsung is beginning to out-innovate Apple

Asian Innovation


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