Classroom Designs Can Impact Learning Performance

Source: Annie Murphy Paul blog, Feb 2013

Classroom design can have a significant effect on students’ academic progress, reports Adi Bloom in the Times Educational Supplement:

… some of the environmental factors that influenced students’ learning:

  • Classrooms that received natural light from more than one direction, and with high-quality electric lighting, benefited pupils.
  • Design features that allowed pupils to feel a sense of ownership towards their classroom also helped them to learn.
  • Comfortable—and larger—desks and chairs were an aid to progress.
  • Pupils benefited from a range of activity zones within a single classroom, allowing different types of learning to take place at the same time.
  • Other factors were found to have such a detrimental effect on learning—for instance, noise and temperature levels—that they rendered all other factors insignificant.
  • While stimulation was important, so was a sense of order. ‘

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