Charter Schools Accountability Report (2009)

Source: The Center for Education Reform website, 2009

Reasons for Charter School Closure

See here for the DOCUMENT

Related Miami Herald, Dec 2011 reading

Most charter schools lose money in the first year or two as they try to expand enrollment while paying rent, construction costs and other start-up expenses, he said. In addition, new charter schools often find it difficult to get financing from banks.

For most charter schools, finding a location is the greatest difficulty and expense. Most schools rent their facilities — in churches, shopping centers, or brand-new school buildings erected by real-estate developers. Any property used by charter schools is exempt from property taxes.

Some schools devote less than 5 percent of their income to rent. Others pay crippling rates.

Neither the state nor the local school districts have rules or guidelines on how much a charter school lease should cost; nor are schools required to seek independent appraisals. But Hage, of Charter Schools USA, said a school’s lease should not eat up more than 20 percent of its revenue.


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