US Dept of Education: “More Collaboration!”

Source: EdSurge, Mar 2013

In dozens of stories throughout the report, the authors implicitly make the case for the positive results that come from education researchers working side-by-side with practicing educators and technology developers.

Three potential precursor collaborations leading up to such “regional education innovation clusters” might include:

  1. Education researchers at local universities connecting with teacher leaders (and innovative administrators) to study radically pragmatic elements of how schools work. Michael Goldstein, founder of the MATCH Charter School in Boston recently described one such project to study teacher moves in Education Next.
  2. Pathbreaking edtech startups refining the way they learn about real classrooms–not just by soliciting feedback from teachers and listening to them, but by making field trips into schools and watching how new and traditional education products really get used.
  3. School districts and funders sponsoring place-specific social or education innovation challenges and competitions that require collaboration between teachers, academics, and entrepreneurs to solve local challenges.

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