OCPS (2012) Considers K8 schools

Source: Orlando Sentinel, May 2013

The Orange County school district runs three K-8 schools, all considered successes. Should it open more?

District officials have pondered that question on and off since at least 2003, and they are doing it again.

The result could be that the district considers whether to open a few more of these campuses, serving both elementary and middle school students (but not too many of the latter).

Chairman Bill Sublette, after a meeting on the topic last month, asked district staff to look at maybe two or three places in the county where a new K-8 might make sense.

With his children at Blankner K-8, Sublette is a fan of these campuses.

(the following are excerpts from a 2012 OCPS presentation)

Front Cover


Con of K8

Option 1 of 7

K8 - New Urban Small K8 School

K8 - New Suburban Prototype K8 School

K8 - New Urban K8 School


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