OCED Test for Schools

Source: America Achieves website, Apr 2013

The inescapable conclusion from data from the 2009 PISA study is that a large percentage of American middle class high schools have not kept pace as countries like Singapore, Finland, Korea and Germany have raised standards, invested in teachers and lifted their overall performance. Findings include:

  •  In comparing scores across the second-to-top quarter of socio-economic advantage, U.S. students are significantly outperformed by 24 countries or regions in math and 15 countries or regions in science.


When you compare U.S. schools to Shanghai-China, the number one performing region in the world in 2009 across all three subjects (reading, math and science), the U.S. results look even more discouraging. The most disadvantaged students in Shanghai—in the bottom quarter as measured by the OECD—outperform the second-to-top quarter of American students in reading. Even America’s advantaged kids are barely outperforming some of Shanghai’s most disadvantaged.
Mounting evidence clearly shows that our educational performance is not just a challenge of poverty—it’s an American challenge. Many middle class schools in the U.S. are not yet producing students ready to compete in the global economy.

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