An Education System that Promotes Creativity, Innovation, and Critical Thinking

Source: Huffington Post,  Mar 2012

Reforming the U.S. public education system to make it less like a factory processing future
workers, and focusing instead on creating a nation of thinkers, might seem counterintuitive to
matching up high school and college grads with scarcely available jobs.

Sir Ken Robinson is an internationally recognized expert in human creativity. He has also
become highly regarded for his views on education systems and educational reform. Robinson
believes–and I wholeheartedly concur–that the public education system in the United States
needs to be fundamentally reformed. Specifically, the American public education system has
gotten off track, with an increasing emphasis on rote learning, and standardized testing as the
metric by which we judge how good a job the system is doing in educating its students. 


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