World’s 1st “Lego School” encourages Creativity, Play & Flow

Source: Metro News (UK), Apr 2013

Danish students will be given the building blocks for a bright future when the world’s first ‘Lego school’ opens its doors later this year.

The International School of Billund will provide high-quality academic programmes for students aged three to 16 from August.

Backed by the toy manufacturer’s owner, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, it’s unlikely the school’s youngest pupils will be short on toys to play with at break time.

It will not be all fun and games in the classroom however, with the school combining Denmark’s state education system requirements with an International Baccalaureate curriculum framework.

An emphasis on creativity and play will also be encouraged at the partly government-funded school, values promoted worldwide by the Lego Foundation.

Allowing time for creativity, play and getting into a state of flow is at the centre of Lego’s philosophy and we’ll be experimenting with this and other ideas in the timetabling,’ head teacher Richard Matthews told the Guardian.


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