OCPS Plans to Build K8 schools to Consolidate Small ESs

Source: OCPS website, May 2013

2013 OCPS State of the Schools address

K8 schools

The other three K-8’s proposed, are small school solutions designed to address three inner city
schools which will be left with populations under 300 students, one under 200 students.

Those proposed K-8’s are on the screen behind us and are:

  • a consolidation of old Audubon Park and Fern Creek Elementary Schools at the old Audubon Park site;
  • a consolidation of Pine Castle and Pershing Elementary Schools at the Pershing site; and
  • a consolidation of Lake Como and Kaley Elementary Schools at the Lake Como site.

Once OCPS begins consolidating the small elementary schools that have student populations under 200 and 300 students (see bolded text in the 2013 State of the Schools excerpt), then it will turn its attention to schools with fewer than 400 students (projected enrollment), and thus do not meet OCPS’s minimum core of 500 students.

Here’s the State of the Schools’ PDF presentation – see HERE.

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