State Universities Partner w/Coursera to Offer MOOCs

Source: Inside Higher Ed, May 2013

… state systems and flagship universities in nine states will help the company test new business models and teaching methods and potentially put Coursera in competition with some of the ed tech industry’s most established players.

A network of universities will be creating or using and buying or selling course material from each other, with Coursera in the middle as a content broker, consultant and host. 

Some state systems will use Coursera to create massive open online courses, or MOOCs, for anyone in the world for free. MOOCs, which rarely result in college credit at this point, are what Coursera has so far been known for.

But some universities will try Coursera to see how well they can use its software to offer traditional for-credit online classes to dozens of registered students at once.
Others will turn Coursera into a new kind of textbook by pairing online material from elsewhere with their own university’s instructors. Some universities may try to create entirely new learning communities by sharing course material amongst themselves or by licensing other universities’ content to flip classrooms.

And yet other universities may experiment with Coursera in an effort to lower costs, offer credit to students who take MOOCs, offer certificate programs using Coursera courses or increase the number of students they can enroll at any given time.

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