Virtual School Instruction Frees A Student’s Time to Become a World-Class Expert

Source: Colorado News, May 2013

eDCSD also helped Christina Griggs reach professional heights most high school students never could imagine. She already is a recognized expert in World War I German aviation, in large part because online school enabled her to travel, speak and study abroad.

“White-haired professors from around the world have consulted with me on various occasions, and are always shocked to learn that I am a teenage girl,” Griggs said in a speech she gave during the May 23 eDCSD graduation ceremony at Rock Canyon High School. “Two non-fiction authors have cited me in their published works, and a war museum in Poland has offered to fly me out to be featured as one their main curators and historians during a grand opening of a special aviation section.

“If I had continued to go to a brick-and-mortar high school, I doubt any of these endeavors would have been possible.”


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