Not for Fall 2014; Perhaps for Fall 2015

<We were unable to submit to OCPS a charter school application with a planned Fall 2014 opening.  The following is an e-mail I shared with parents>

Though we strove mightily, we were unable to muster sufficient support to fund the non-profit incorporation and the printing/binding costs for the 21 copies of the charter school application.  Such is life :).  

Here are the documents I had developed for the charter school application; I will keep these online until Aug 4 (Sun).  

Will there be a renewed effort for a Fall 2015 launch?  It’s too early to tell, and will depend upon whether parents are actively willing to contribute.

In the meantime, OCPS has clearly ruled out constructing a middle school for the Buena Vista Woods community.  

Though OCPS has set aside 25 acres for a middle school right by the Parkside development, the OCPS 2013-2014 budget reveals no MS is actually being planned for the available space – see page 48 of OCPS’s tentative budget summary.

So for the foreseeable future, Southwest middle school remains the next stage of OCPS education for Sand Lake ES students.   

My next steps:

  • Continue learning more about education.  I have registered for online teacher professional development courses:
  • As needed, I’ll post updates on the blog, and you can subscribe to auto-receive e-mails (see box on the upper right-hand corner of the blog) whenever I post updates to the blog.

For example, if OCPS continues to consolidatelementary schools that have fewer than 500 students, then Sand Lake ES might be impacted.  If I learn of any OCPS board moves that might indicate its intention, I’ll post an update on the blog; so if you are interested in updates, please subscribe to the blog for e-mail updates.

And there’s still the opportunity to apply for a planning grant for a Fall 2015 launch; I might consider applying for this grant.

December 2, 2013

Cycle 2                                                           School Openings

Launch                                                           Fall 2014

Planning                                                        Fall 2015 



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