The Incubator School

Source: EdSurge, Aug 2013

The Incubator School, set to open its doors in Los Angeles on August 13, promises to look more kindly on such enterprising antics. Backed by a Next Generation Learning Challenges grant, the school will kick off with a class of about 50 sixth and seventh graders and three teachers. The plan is to add one additional grade level every year until it serves students in grades 6 to 12.

Speaking with EdSurge, Bhatt described how a “typical” school day will consist of three sections:

  • A two-hour, flex-model blended learning period in the morning during which students, who will have 1:1 access to devices (HP laptops, and iPads starting next April), will work on math and English curriculum via programs including StudySync, Khan Academy and ThinkThroughMath;
  • A “design studio,” created with assistance of organizations including the New Learning Institute (of Pearson Foundation) and the Cooney Center, where students will focus on social studies and science subjects though projects;
  • A one-hour “incubating” period during which students will learn about mission statements, business plans, and related skills like financial literacy. Students will also have something similar to Google’s “flextime” where they have about two hours a week explore their personal interests.

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