Manatee Conversion Charter School

Source: Herald Tribune, Aug 2013

MANATEE COUNTY – Rowlett Elementary received a call early Thursday afternoon.

School Superintendent Rick Mills plans to recommend to the School Board an approval of the magnet school’s application to become a charter operation.

The district borrowed internal funds from all county schools last spring, including $45,000 from Rowlett’s savings accounts. Recently updated district numbers show that Rowlett’s contribution was 17 percent of the school’s total internal funds, and 78 percent of what the district was able to legally take.

“Knowing that the committee has recommended us for approval helps us focus on the education of 900 children,” Sket said.

Sket said a founding board that includes Flynn and assistant principal Kim Penman met with district officials last week to answer questions about a roughly 300-page application that includes how Rowlett intends to pay for legal, transportation and human resource services that the district will no longer provide.


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