School Choice Recognizes Student Diversity

Source: Reason, Sep 2013

… we live in an era when the old, rigid school design is being challenged by alternatives. Homeschooling is booming (about four percent of kids nationally, and growing). So are charter schools, some (though not all) of which use different models of education, including increased flexibility and self-direction. Private school have long experimented with different approaches. Virtual schooling, public or private, can be used as a substitute for traditional a school or as part of an education experience pieced together from components that work for a given child.

“Of course, not everyone is going to learn the same things, in the same way, or at the same time,” he writes. “But that’s a good thing. Our society thrives on diversity. Our culture needs people with many different kinds of skills, interests and personalities.”

Diversity has always been at the root of the movement for school choice … Kids need to learn in the way that works for them. And parents need an opportunity to experiment, pick, choose and find what the right way is for their kids.


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