Florida’s 2011 TIMMS Results

Source: NCES, Oct 2013

Fullscreen capture 24-Oct-13 24327 PM.bmp


Related Sun-Sentinel story, Oct 2013

On the math exam, for example, Massachusetts’ eighth-graders posted an average score of 561, compared with an international average of 500 and a U.S. average of 509. The New England state was ranked sixth in the world, but its score was still well below top-ranked Korea, which had an average score of 613. Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong and Japan also posted higher marks.

Florida’s average score on that eighth-grade math test was 513, putting it on par with Oregon and Idaho and below Maryland and Texas, Israel and the Russian Federation, among others. Florida’s worldwide rank was 39th.

In science, Florida’s eighth-graders scored 530, ranking the state 42nd in the world. The U.S. average was 525. Singapore was top in science, with an average score of 590, and Massachusetts was No. 2, with an average score of 569.

The results came from 2011 math and science exams taken by students in the U.S. and across the globe, from Chile to Italy to Ghana.


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