1-to-1 Learning

Source: EdSurge, Nov 2013
Teachers College Study

Columbia University Teachers College’s Center for Technology and School Change releases its initial findings on the outcomes of the Teach to One program. The study tracked 2,264 students who attended schools participating in the TtO program in Chicago, NYC, or Washington, DC) and analyzed their growth on the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) math assessment.

On the positive side, the average gains of TtO students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade surpassed those made by students nationally. Upon entering the program, incoming TtO students were performing at an average of 4.7 MAP points lower than the national average. Yet despite these discrepancies, nine months later, the average MAP score point gain of TtO students (in all three of the middle school grade levels) rose higher than national average gains. TtO sixth graders showed the largest improvement: they gained an average of 7.1 points on their MAP scores while  sixth graders from across the country averaged a 6-point gain.

“The performance of English Language Learners (ELL) and special education (SPED) students is incredibly encouraging to us. Students progress based on their position, when they have mastered the skill taught,” says Rose, citing that ELL learners performed against the national average in a “points gained” ratio of 1.24 to 1, while SPED students came out 1.09 to 1.

Specific racial subgroups also boasted large gains than the national average. Asian, Hispanic, and white subgroups performed at ratios of 1.46, 1.39, and 1.24, respectively, greater than their traditional-school counterparts.


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