SG Student Tuition

Source: EdVantage, Dec 2013

SINGAPORE – Secondary 3 student Erica Lee, 15, spent the first week of her year-end school holidays back in school – for extra lessons, including in mathematics.

This was on top of the mathematics lessons she attended during regular school hours – at least 50 minutes – almost every day.

She also allocates two hours for a one-on-one session with her private tutor for mathematics and science twice a week.

Erica’s study routine is considered normal among 15-year-olds in Singapore, where doing well academically is now part and parcel of the system.

And Singapore’s education system has the chops to show for it: 15-year-olds here have again emerged among the top performers in a global study when it comes to mathematics, reading and science.

The results of the triennial Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa), which were released yesterday, ranked students here second out of 65 participating education systems for their mathematics scores. The country had also been placed second for mathematics in the previous round in 2009.

For reading, Singapore moved up two notches to third place, behind Hong Kong. It also moved up one rank to second for science.


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