High-quality online instruction with F2F TAs

Source: The American Interest, Jan 2014

 the real case for MOOCs, and the reason the professoriat (except for stars like Dan Drezner) needs to stay braced for big change has to do with empowering TAs and cutting the cost of highly paid, tenured and mediocre senior faculty.

It is a lot cheaper to train people to be brilliant and effective TAs than it is to train and tenure senior faculty at third tier institutions.

An education based around highly trained and motivated, often non-Ph.D instructors working with MOOCs that give students access to the best professors and biggest names in the academic world may not be as good as what kids get at Harvard now—but it can be a lot better than what many students are getting today on thousands of campuses in this country and all over the world. And it is substantially cheaper to provide.


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