About Us

Who are We?

I (Mark Lee) have a 7th grader who started schooling at Sand Lake ES, and is now at Trinity Prep.  Even though I believe Trinity Prep is the best Grade 6-12 school in Central Florida (LINK), as measured by its senior class’s SAT scores, it still falls short of the country’s elite schools (LINK).  

Thus I, together with like-minded Dr. Phillips parents, are looking to start a tuition-free charter school (Grades 6-12) that will prepare students for college admissions, and then to be successful in the Global Creative Economy.  Merely attending college is no longer sufficient. 

My educational initiatives include trying to elevate Sand Lake ES from a K5 school to a K8 school, and sharing School and Learning choices.  As an MIT alum (SM ’99) who is in an MIT K-12 STEM Education Alumni network subcommittee, I plan to introduce innovative digital learning opportunities to help students accelerate their learning beyond what is possible within the traditional classroom setting.  

Thus I have triggered the launch of Startup Weekend Orlando – EDU, and am co-organizing a March 2013 EdCamp – Orlando.  I have also patent co-filed with a team from the National University of Singapore computer science department, which is ranked #9 in the world (higher than Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, UT-Austin, and Yale).    

Contact information:

  • mlee@alum.XXX.edu (the XXX should be replaced by the MIT abbreviation)
  • 407-512-0635

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